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The Tri-M Music Honor Society is the international music honor society for secondary school students that motivates and recognizes musical achievement. Founded in 1952, Tri-M has helped young people provide years of service through music in thousands of schools throughout the world. Through nearly 4,500 chartered chapters, thousands of students have received recognition for their efforts and honor for their musical accomplishments. Currently, there are over 18,000 student members.


Tri-M shares and supports the objectives of every dedicated music educator - to increase student and school involvement with music and to strengthen and unify the school music program. Tri-M offers a complete system of rewards that help motivate effort and recognize excellence in individuals and chapters. With this system, the society builds self-esteem and provides for a channel of personal fulfillment.


Tri-M is a program of NAFME National Association for Music Education , the largest non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of music education. Through its many programs, activities, publications, and conferences, NAFME addresses all aspects of music education and works to ensure that every student has access and exposure to a balanced, comprehensive, and high quality program of music instruction. The NAFME National Board and Council of Music Honor Society Chairpersons, consisting of state and division chairpersons and the national chairperson, provides guidance and direction in matters pertaining to Tri-M membership and chapter operation.


Eligibility and Acceptance Criteria

  • Students in 9th grade are not eligible for membership

  • Students must be currently enrolled in one of the following full period performing music courses: Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, Concert Band, Concert/Marching Band  

  • Students in 10th grade must have completed at least one of the band/choir classes during their freshman year

  • Students in 11th grade must have completed at least two of the band/choir classes by the end of their sophomore year

  • Students in 12th grade must have completed at least three of the band/choir classes by the end of their junior year

  • Students must be actively involved in major music activities at CHS. These include but are not limited to: participation in major concerts/talent nights and other fundraising events sponsored by the Music Department

  • Take a leadership role in the music program through achievement, responsibility and planning. Music Honor Society recognized students who are leaders and are good role models for the rest of the students

  • Be of excellent character and exhibit a positive attitude towards teachers and fellow students

  • Maintain an A average in music courses

  • Maintain at least 3.0 GPA in academic courses

  • Complete a Tri-M application packet, return it before the deadline, and audition with a pre-approved vocal or instrumental solo on the day of the auditions

  • Perform at the annual Tri-M Induction Ceremony or preapproved Research paper.  

Applcations are due MONDAY MAY 9th.

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