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Yearbook 2020-2021

2020-2021 Yearbook

is Open For Sales!


The wait is finally over.  The 2020-2021 Yearbook is for sale.  


This past year has brought a lot of uncertainty for a lot of people.  In the past, the yearbook was able to offer discounts to early buyers, thanks to the generosity of our local businesses who purchased yearbook ads.  Our local businesses were hit hard this past year, and we need to recognize that financial reality.

For our yearbook customers, we understand that these are tough times for many of you as well, so we’re going to do our best to ensure you get your bang for your buck.

We have the goal that the first 180 yearbook buyers from now through the end of April will get their picture in the yearbook 3 times.

School Pictures

First, there’s the official school photo.  Smile!  When you show up for picture day, that guarantees that you would be in the yearbook at least once. 

(If you didn’t show up for picture day, you need to email Mr. Womac at, so he can work out a game plan).



Page number holder in the yearbookSecond, we want to you to be a page number holder.

What’s that?  There are slightly over 180 pages in a yearbook.  Each page has its own page number.  So when you buy a yearbook, you can be a page number holder.





Student with a piece of paperHow does that work? It‘s easy!  All of you have to do is hold a blank piece of computer paper and smile!  Meanwhile have a friend, a parent, a yearbookian, or Mr. Womac takes your picture.  Then submit that picture to Mr. Womac.  Using the power of Yearbook Edesign, we can crop out the background and make it appear that it’s only you and your blank piece of paper.  Then we’ll place the picture on the page, and it will give the illusion that you are holding a page number.  Pretty cool isn’t it?






Student in a casual photoThird, there’s the Student Scrapbook pages.  Those are pages that got created when we had to get creative during the great School Shutdown of 2020.  We also have a lot of students in our Central family who are virtual for a myriad of reasons.  But you’re still part of the school!  So when you buy a yearbook, you will be added to a TEAMs account where you can submit photos for the yearbook.  We’ll use at least one photo in our Student Scrapbook section.  And how know?  If you submit a lot of good photos, we might just have to put you all over the yearbook!  Remember this for all students – virtual and brick-and-mortar.







Also, everyone is encouraged to submit any and all Central photos – sports, clubs, and we’ll do our best to incorporate them.  Here are some specific photo categories that we are looking for

  1. Pet Photos – a photo of you and your pet – whether your pet is a dog or an emu!
  2. Mask Photos – Masks are the new fashion statements of 2020-2021!  So send us a picture of you sporting your favorite mask.
  3. Baby Photos – Ok seniors.  It’s time to dust off those baby photos.  Send those in, and they can be used in the yearbook and for the Senior Slide Show!
  4. Winter Break Photos – We had a White Christmas!  Any fun photos from your Christmas Break can be used.
  5. Virtual Learning Photos – Whether you have your laptop in a hammock or at a desk.



Yearbook TEAMS Account

When you purchase a yearbook, you’ll be added to CHS – Yearbook - 2020-2021 TEAMS Account.  This is a great place to upload your photos and for underclassmen, to receive updates about the yearbook in the summer.





How do you order?  You can simply visit

Be sure to use code 17256.  A typo could mean you end up with a Polk County Yearbook. Yikes!

Yearbook Order Website

Or you can bring a check for $70 to Mr. Womac up in the library.  This price is good through the end of April.  After April 30th, it may go up.  Our hope is that everyone will buy go ahead and buy their yearbook soon and start submitting pictures, and not wait until the last minute in May.


Don’t forget that we also do student ads, senior ads, business ads, and a mixture.  For more info, email Mr. Womac at


Senior Ad