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Important Dates to Remember

November 25-27 – Thanksgiving Break

January 14th – Family-Teacher Conferences AND Picture Day

February 1st – FAFSA Deadline

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Central Chorale Presents the Phantom of the Opera Medley

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What to Expect When Your Child Has Been Exposed to COVID-19

New Schedule and Rules beginning Tuesday, September 8, 2020


  • ALL Brick and Mortar STUDENTS will physically attend school Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday beginning Tuesday, September 8. There is no School on Monday 9/7 as it is Labor Day. 
  • Every WEDNESDAY is now a remote learning day for all students. Students will not report to school nor will they attend live virtual classes on Wednesdays. Teachers will provide students with work to do at home before they leave school possibly Monday or Tuesday.  
  • Although students are not present in school on Wednesday, it is still expected that students spend 7 hours every Wednesday on their assignments.  
  • Teachers will be available for Office Hours from 10:00-11:00 am and 2:30-3:30 pm every Wednesday to answer questions from students and/or parents and to offer instruction on assignments.  
  • On M, T, TH, & F please try to arrive to school before 8:05 AM. This will give us time to get temperatures taken, you can pick up breakfast, go to your locker, and get you to class before 8:15. Remember all Brick & Mortar students are returning starting Tuesday, 9/8, so please allow more time.  
  • The two lanes to the right are for bus drop off only.  
  • The two lanes on the left are for car riders/drivers. 
  • Student drivers, please use the far-left lane to enter, even if you have student passengers. After parking, please enter the building at your first period locations as soon as possible. We will take your temperature on the way in the door. 
  • Parent drop offs, please pull all the way forward on the inside of the left lane. Your student’s temperature will continue to be taken in the vehicle. After given a pass, students should exit the vehicle and immediately report to their entrance based off their 1st period location. 
  • Breakfast stations will still be available for free breakfast. 


  • ALL STUDENTS & EMPLOYEES are required to wear a mask beginning Tuesday, September 8 when social distancing of 6 feet cannot occur, during class change, and while in common areas. We have many cloth, reusable masks. If your student needs one or more, have them swing up to the office. The masks are also provided at the entrance every morning. 


  • Please sign up to bring breakfasts and lunches home with you on Tuesdays for the Wednesday virtual days. Every entry comes with a chance to win a Smart Mouth water bottle, mask or other prizes.  


  • Simply logging on through teams does not make you a virtual student or count you as present for that day. There is a process for this:  
  • Mrs. Moore/Mrs. Scruggs will get information from you and submit your request for approval to Mr. Gilbert. If you are approved, you will receive an email confirming that you are now a virtual student. You will also receive an email from your school counselor that has 4 links you & your student must click on & complete & 2 attachments about breakfast & lunch. Your teachers will be notified of your change in status. 
  • To switch back to brick and mortar, there will be a waiting period before your student can switch back to virtual again, if you choose to do this. Your school counselor will go over this w/ you. 
  • Students must maintain adequate grades to remain a virtual student and will be brought back as a brick and mortar student if this does not occur.  
  • Not completing assignments will also serve as a student absence and the state truancy process will be enforced. 
  • If you are a temporary virtual student due to COVID-19 symptoms or Quarantine and want to remain virtual, you must contact your school counselor & follow the same protocols. 


  • Email/Call your school counselor at least a day in advance. 
  • Upon reporting for your first day back from being a virtual student, you will report to Mrs. Talley at the entry office.  
  • If you have been quarantined, please bring your letter of release from the TDOH to turn in to the entry office or email to  


  • If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms &/ or have a household COVID-19 positive case, please contact the attendance office at extension 5001 to be placed as a temporary virtual student. 


  • If you are a Brick & Mortar student, you cannot stay home & sign in virtually w/ out speaking to Mrs. Talley, our attendance secretary 423-263-5541 Ext. 5001. If you do not contact her & get approval, you will be counted absent.  


  • If your student has been approved as a Virtual USB learner, pickup days are Wednesday from 9:00-9:30 at the entry office. Please remember to return your USB during this time as well. 


  • Every student with a smartphone can download the Outlook app on their phone. This will enable them to receive emails from teachers in real time, so they don’t miss important information.  
  • Every student must download Adobe Reader on their laptops, so they can read pdf files that teachers provide in Teams or via email.  


Steps to Install Adobe Reader: 

  1. Click Windows icon 
  1. Go to Microsoft Store 
  1. Adobe Reader Touch (left click) 
  1. Install (left click) 
  1. Pin to Start (if you choose to do this) 
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