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Tobacco/Electronic Cigarette Policy

  1. TOBACCO/ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE POLICY: Student shall not possess or use any tobacco or electronic cigarette products in any form on school premises or school buses during school hours.


  • Possession - Shall mean to have tobacco/electronic cigarette products on the person or in the vehicle or other areas in control of the individual, including one’s personal effects.
  • Use - Shall mean the holding of any type of a lighted cigarette, cigar, or pipe, and inhaling the smoke, or any chewing or dipping of any tobacco products.
  • School Hours - Shall include the period of time beginning with the first bus pick-up in the morning and ending with the last bus drop in the afternoon.  Additionally, students arriving by other forms of transportation, or walking shall adhere to this policy upon entering and leaving school grounds.


If a student is in possession of or using any tobacco or vaping product:

In all situations, in accordance with BOE Policy 1.803 and applicable laws, students under the age of 18 shall be cited to tobacco court.

1st offense:

3 days ISS & tobacco/nicotine education & prevention program provided by Juvenile Services Liaison/School Counselor.

2nd offense:

1 day OSS and 2 days ISS with tobacco/nicotine education and prevention class provided by school counselors.

3rd offense:

3 days OSS

4th offense:

5 days OSS

Further offenses will be discussed with committee and recommendations made.

Committee members: Lee Parkison, Elizabeth Oswalt, Roger Freeman, Rebecca Morgan, Jeff Gilbert, Joe Young, Kevin Edwards, John Burroughs

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