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11th Grade

Junior Schedules

Juniors should be enrolled in the following courses:


English 3 (regular, honors, or Advanced Placement),

a Math course (Algebra 2 or beyond),

a Science course (Chemistry or beyond),

US History (regular or Dual Enrollment),

and Spanish 2 (regular or honors). 


This leaves space for two additional classes such as a class from your Program of Study and an additional elective such as Personal Finance. 


Juniors will create their senior schedules, with the help of their counselor, in the Spring during their junior appointments. 


Goals for this Year - Fall


  • Continue keeping track of your awards and accomplishments throughout high school.
  • Start researching colleges to determine if they have your intended major, how expensive they are, admission requirements (minimum GPA and/or ACT scores), etc.
  • Create a folder to keep all of the above information organized. For example, if you are interested in Civil Engineering, compile information on the schools that have the program so you can start planning for next year. 
  • Consider taking the PSAT/NMSQT in October.
  • Prepare for the Spring ACT - this will affect what courses you can take as a senior.


Goals for this Year - Spring


  • Begin researching colleges and financial aid options. This will give you an idea of what colleges you may be able to afford and narrow down your search so that you may tour some colleges over the summer.
  • Participate in job shadowing day to get a glimpse of what it's like in your career field of interest. 
  • Take the ACT.
  • Use your list of awards and accomplishments to create a resume that your counselor may utilize it to write a letter of recommendation for you for next year. 
  • Meet with your counselor to choose classes for your senior year. 


Opportunities for Juniors

Boys' & Girls' State

Boys' State is held on the campus of Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville during the final full week of May. More information is available at  

Volunteer Girls' State is held on the University of Lipscomb's campus in Nashville during the final week of May running into the first week of June (Sunday-Saturday). More information is available at  

Students who attend are eligible for a Samsung Scholarship if they wish to apply. 

Two delegates are selected for both Boys' and Girls' State through a teacher vote. Juniors interested in participating should speak with Mrs. Moore. 

We greatly appreciate our local sponsors for this program, which include:

Etowah Rotary Club

Zeta Kappa Sorority

Campus Calendar

Upcoming Events