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12th Grade

Senior Year Goals



  • Apply for the Tennessee Promise Scholarship
  • Create a checklist and calendar to keep track of standardized test dates, college application due dates, and financial aid deadlines. 
  • Register for ACT tests


  • Meet with your counselor to make sure you are on track to graduate and let her know of your plans after high school. The more she knows about you and your goals, the better she is able to help you. 
  • Apply to your top colleges. Prepare your applications carefully and pay close attention to deadlines.
  • Well before the deadline, ask your counselor to send required documents (transcripts, letters or recommendation, etc.) to the college for which you are applying. 


  • As soon as possible after the October 1st release, complete and submit your FAFSA, along with any other financial aid applications your school(s) of choice may require. (The FAFSA is your application for the HOPE Scholarship) You should receive your Student Aid Report (SAR) within three days to three weeks of your submission. 


  • Use one of your two college visits to help you make a decision on which college is best for you.


  • Finalize and send any early decision or early action applications due this month. Have a parent, teacher, counselor, or other adult review the application before it is submitted.



  • If you failed any classes in the fall, speak with your counselor about ways you can get back on track.
  • Don't slack this semester! Colleges will get your final transcript in May and this semester is the final semester to be added to your grade point average. 


  • Review your college acceptance letters and compare financial aid offers


  • If you are wait-listed by a college you really want to attend, visit, call, and write the admission office to make your interest clear. Ask how you can strengthen your application.


  • April is the final ACT test date that may count towards earning an Honors Diploma.


  • May 1 is the date when the college you plan to attend requires a commitment and deposit. When you’ve made your college decision, notify your counselor. Send in your deposit by the postmark date of May 1. If you’ve been offered financial aid, accept the offer and follow the instructions given. Also notify schools you will not attend of your decision.
  • Make sure to turn in your final transcript request.



Important Links

Apply for the Tennessee Promise Scholarship by November 1st for two years of tuition free college! Make sure to save your login information in a safe place.

File your FAFSA, the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid, by January 16, 2018 to stay eligible for the Tennessee Promise Scholarship.

Thinking about playing a sport in college? Follow the links below to register for the NCAA or the NIAA clearinghouse, or speak to your counselor for assistance. 

Under current law, all male citizens between 18 and 25 years of age are required to register for the Selective Service within 30 days of their 18th birthday. Those who fail to register can be denied financial aid, federal employment, and citizenship. Failure to register is a felony.

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